Private Session


At our Clinton Hill yoga studio, we offer private yoga lessons to our students. The rate of private lessons is usually $100 / hour. We are happy to accomodate your needs and schedule by adjusting the amount of time or to find the the perfect balance.


But why should you consider a private yoga practice at Dou Yoga?

New to yoga?

A private yoga lesson is a great way for beginners to learn the foundations of yoga: the postures, proper alignment and breathing techniques.

Got a pain in the....?

For those of us with injuries, a private lesson can address those issues directly. Through a one-on-one session, you can build a customized routine to help heal and also to prevent any further damage or future injury.

What is a root lock and why should I care about it?

A private lesson allows the time and space to ask questions and to learn the how and why of yoga. There are so many layers to the practice that we often don't get to learn all of them in a group class.

When you work one-on-one, you have the teacher's full, undivided attention

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Please be as specific as possible. Studio times are usually available during the following (MON - FRI 8AM-9AM, 130PM - 6PM) (SAT 130PM - 6PM) (SUN 1PM - 5PM)
***At home rates will vary, depending on travel time and use of props.


Teacher for Private Yoga Session

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Yuuki Hiran (owner & co-founder)

bout Me: Yuuki's intention in teaching is educate the student so that they can take care of themselves. This could incorporate functional movement, mindful breathing, down regulating the nervous system or simply taking a moment to cultivate one's own awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

pecializes in: Acupuncture (although not usually incorporated in a yoga session), Anatomy & Injuries, Breath Based Mindful Movement, Breathing Exercises, Refined Alignment

fferings: Yoga for injuries, Yoga for any body, Guided Relaxation, Meditation, Gentle/Slow Vinyasa

vailability: Weekday (Open & Varying Availability)

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Amy Hansen

About Me: Amy provides a calm and encouraging space, blending safe alignment, energizing flow and meditative moments, to help students explore their personal balances between challenge, release, grounding and inspiration.

Specializes in:  Yoga for Beginners, Knee Injuries, Alignment-based flow

Offerings: Vinyasa flow, chair yoga, restorative, guided meditation

Availability:  Early morning, Varying evening & weekends

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Annaliese Goddarz

About Me: I'm here to support you exactly as you are, providing you with the tools to strengthen your practice and soften into your personal development. Together we'll design goals and celebrate small victories.

Specializes in: Strength Training, Therapeutic Alignment, Ritual

Offerings: Vinyasa flow, Meditation, Restorative, Yoga Tune Up®, Reiki

Availability:  Weekdays

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Cassie Vincent

bout Me: Cassie crafts unique one-on-one yoga experiences, taking into consideration the client's unique physical, emotional, and intellectual interests to deepen their personal practice.

Specializes in: Alignment-Based Flow, Pre/Post-Natal, Yin

Offerings: Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Pre/Post Natal

Availability: Varying availability

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Emily Pantalone

About Me: As a teacher, I hold a safe and fun-loving space in which I offer my students the chance to explore their bodies with humor, delight, and curiosity.

Specializes in: Anatomy/Physiology, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Therapeutic Alignment

Offerings:  Vinyasa flow, Injury Recovery/Prevention, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Yoga Tune Up®, Kids Yoga, Meditation,

Availability:  Open & varying availability

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Jolene Festa

About Me: My belief is that everyone has a place on the mat, and I work to make yoga available to all.

Specializes in: Children with special needs, Prenatal, Alignment-Based Flow

Offerings: Yoga for Athletes, Restorative, Kids Yoga, Meditation, Vinyasa flow, Prenatal

Availability: Saturday Morning & Sundays

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Linnea Vedder

About Me: My 17 years of yoga practice and 8 years of teaching shine when I get to work one on one with students, to pass on my knowledge of everything from breath to alignment to meditation, in a lovingly tailored program.

Specializes in: Pre/Post-Natal, Vinyasa, Alignment-Based Flow

Offerings: Vinyasa flow, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki, Pre/Post Natal

Availability: Open and varying availability

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Will Klein

About Me: I'm on the road to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and as such I've been integrating what I've learned from shadowing physical therapists and prerequisite academic courses into my yoga practice and the classes I teach. 

Specializes in:  Anatomy/Physiology, Therapeutics, Conscious Movement

Offerings:Restorative, Injury Recovery/Prevention, Vinyasa flow

Availability: Monday mornings, Wednesdays & Fridays

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Shieri Yamafuji

About Me: I am certified pilates instructor as well. I got an injury from my dance career that is why I started pilates. So I teach yoga also I will put some Therapeutic Pilates Exercise if clients need.

Specializes in:  Anatomy, Therapeutics, Beginner/Advanced Flow 

Offerings: Injury Recovery, Vinyasa flow, Pilates core training

Availability: Monday night, Tue & Thu daytime, Weekend