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道 (Dou) means balance, a path or a way that words alone cannot express; it is something felt, experienced.

At Dou Yoga, we respect and encourage each student to find their own path, their own way to find balance and experience this balance with their own bodies and minds. Our Clinton Hill yoga studio offers a community-based space for students to safely and comfortably explore their own personal practice.

Our teachers come from a variety of lineages, each one with a unique flavor. Whether you want something a little sweaty and flowy or something more precise and anatomical, whether you seek a more esoteric and energetic or meditative and breath based practice, there is something for everyone.


“This was my favorite studio in Brooklyn and I happily made the trek in the mornings for Linnea or Ariel's morning classes when I first moved to town. They were the kind of teachers I really needed at the time, confused in my new town and reeling from a recent personal loss. I wanted to keep my daily practice to a certain degree, and I didn't want to do "yogarobics." I really wanted to get the nurturing (and yes, sweaty) support of a neighborhood studio, and I was not disappointed.” ~ Rachel


“This is a really wonderful community studio. I've been going for over a year and I've really learned a ton….I go to yoga to feel sane and good - exercise is part of that but the meditation has also been really helpful for me.” ~ Izzy


“I. love. this. place.  I've been practicing regularly here for about five months now and - although I've enjoyed yoga on and off for years - honestly don't think I would have developed any kind of regular practice if it weren't for the down-to-earth vibe, excellent teachers, and sense of fun at Dou (and the fact that it's a few blocks from my apartment). “ ~ Sara


“Why I really like DOU YOGA is - because the teachers are very warm and amazing at teaching you yoga!” ~ Sheena


“These were the best yoga classes I have attended in months. Everyone was friendly and the humble neighborhood studio is perfect. Could not imagine visiting NYC without Dou Yoga.” ~ Sara


“where i first met and fell in love with what would become my life. so much affection for this place, its community and values. namaste. Xo” ~ Jessie