Class Description








At Dou Yoga we believe in the importance of the individual and the collective of a community.  Each person and body expresses the pose and the classroom experience differently, even if it looks the same on the outside, it can feel very different on the inside. So regardless of class level, style or teacher, this is your practice, honor and trust what your body tells you.

The classroom is also a space to connect and share your practice amongst your friends and  neighbors so it is important to maintain the safety and comfort of the space for yourself and each other.

Yoga is more than physical flexibility and strength (although it can be very effective for that) it is the process, the experience, the reintegration of breath, mind, body and community. 


Beginner Friendly

This class will move a little more slowly and will be broken down a bit more so beginner's and veterans alike have a chance to refine their practice, but don't be fooled, beginner friendly doesn't necessarily mean easy.



Caters to a wide variety of students and levels. The class will often move from pose to pose. Previous experience of yoga asana is suggested. There might be a few challenging poses in the mix, but it will depend on who is in class, but be mindful of your body and practice in a way that is appropriate for you.



You can come expecting an arm balance and or an inversion or two. An understanding of your alignment, ability and limitations is required. This class will flow so be prepared to move in and out of poses and sweat a little (or a lot) bit.