I am New to Dou Yoga what should I do?

  • Before you come to the studio please create an account online by clicking HERE. (saves time and paper at the studio)


What classes would be appropriate for me? 

  • You can learn about the various classes at our description page or fill out this questionnaire and we will get back to you with a customized answer.


What if I have never done yoga before?

  • Great! Just come wearing comfortable clothes for exercise, maybe a bottle of water. When you come in introduce yourself to the teacher and mention that it is your first time and have fun. 

I am not very flexible, strong, good with balance, etc?

  • That is fantastic, because none of that really matters. It just means that you get have fun trying new things.

Do you have mats for rent?

  • Yes, we have Jade and Manduka Yoga Mats for $2, which are environmentally friendly and very grippy. 

  • We also have them for sale. You can read more about them on the site www.jadeyoga.com & www.manduka.com


How much are classes?

  • All of our class prices can be found on the rates page. Click HERE

  • Check for any promotions that we might be running.

What time are the classes?

  • The full up-to-date schedule is on our schedule page. Click HERE

Do I have to register for class online?

  • You don't have to. You can if you would like. 

  • Please read through our online registration policy before you do. Click HERE

Is there a changing area?

  • Yup, just ask and we'll show you.

I called but no one picked up the phone. 

  • We are a smaller, neighborhood studio, so we are not always at the studio to take calls, but we are much more responsive by email. 

  • Contact us through the website HERE or emailing us at info@dou-yoga.com