Sit Better

Yoga to me is less about succeeding in doing a pose or getting my sweat on, although both of these things can be accomplished. For me it's more about how my yoga practice can offer a way to live a healthier, sustainable life that allows me to explore the various nuances of my physical, mental and emotional well being.

So reading this article felt very familiar. I have written about posture and spinal health in the past and so this falls right into the see category. One of the reasons why teachers suggest sitting on a blanket, blocks or a bolster when sitting in class is essentially to keep the spine from curving into a C and offer the ability to stay more upright. We often work on building awareness of the back muscles and spinal alignment and posture so that we can notice, feel and then change when we are out of balance. The seats of New York City subways are a huge culprit of poor postural ergonomics. Most of us don't have such long legs that necessitates the length of seating. Additionally the angle of the seat makes it a perfect candidate of slouching. So if I'm commuting and have my backpack on and get lucky enough to snag a seat i will often keep the backpack on so that I am encouraged to sit towards the edge of the seat. This way my feet are grounded, pelvis neutral, spine long and posture looking quite regal.

So the next time you plop down into a seat take a moment and see if there are ways to reorient yourself to provide better spinal integrity.

Yuuki Hirano