30 Days of Gratitude

This is an oldy but a goody. Inspired by Shawn Achor’s Ted Talk I spent 30 days dedicating at least one post on something that I am grateful for. I would like to say that by the end of the 30 days I had become enlightened and was able to transcend the mundanity of daily life, but I had not. What did happen was that during my 30 days I started to notice the small things and started to be grateful for things I had not even considered. Some of the obvious things I was grateful for was my family, friends. On a daily basis I would take a moment of gratitude for the food that I ate. However that began to expand and I would consider the people preparing the food, the farmer that harvested the crop, the land that provided nutrients to the plant, the rain that provided the water...so and so forth. Other things that we take for granted, I noticed how amazing being able to take a deep breath in clean air felt. I appreciated being able to drink clean water. During the 30 days I was re-inspired to pick up my camera and start taking photos again. With that an unexpected thing happen, I started appreciating the various landscapes, sights and scenes around me. It could be as simple as walking down the street to the store, riding in the car with friends or exploring ancient streets and towns, whatever it was I began to see the beauty in each.

There are plenty of things to be grateful for each and everyday. Even difficulties and hardships can be seen with gratitude as an opportunity to learn and grow (even if we don’t feel grateful in the moment) As you reflect on the day you will probably notice that there is not one day that goes by that there isn’t something to be grateful for. Let’s celebrate these moments by appreciating and highlighting our gratitude for that with a simple smile to ourselves. Try it, see what it does, share with me what you experienced.

Yuuki Hirano